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Meet Our Permanent Residents 


Sweetheart is 35yrs old. Sweetheart was a horse who was abandoned on an older man's property and didn't have the love and trust she deserved. After posting Sweetheart on a brand search site someone commented and said that they believed she was her horse who was stolen 29yrs ago. After speaking with Sweetheart's original owner, we agreed that she was the same horse that was stolen. Sweetheart's original owner agreed that it was best for Sweetheart to stay here with L&B until she decides she is ready to cross over the rainbow bridge. 

Sweetheart is very thankful for finding us here at L&B and she shows us everyday. 

Unfortunately our beautiful Sweetheart passed away on the 15/02/2024.


Finley is a 14yr old Off the track thoroughbred gelding who came to us in December 2022. Finley has become a very big part of the family, we have been through so much with him including an impaction colic. He became a permanent resident because we just could not let him go. Finley has also got a bit more weight gaining to do along with muscle and topline but we are slowly getting there. 

Finley will stay with us here at L&B as a permanent resident all the way into his older years. 

Finley is thankful to have found us here at L&B and shows us in the love and affection on a daily basis. 


Breeze is 25yrs old and is a purebred Arabian. Before L&B her owner had her for 8yrs but sadly due to health decline within her self she had to her very loved companion. Sadly, she could no longer provide Breeze with the care she needed and felt it was best to find her a forever place. 

Breeze is friendly and confident mare who loves nothing more then to be loved on. Breeze is a permanent resident here at L&B due to her age. 

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