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Welcome to L & B Horse Rescue and rehoming

Rescue - Rehabilitate - Rehome

myself with burt and finley
myself and dee

L & B Horse Rescue and Rehoming was created for the purpose of taking in horses who have been surrendered, abandoned, neglected or slaughter bound. Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehoming is our aim for these beautiful creatures. 

L & B Horse Rescue and Rehoming aims to provide love, care and attention to the horses who come in care and who come back from failed adoptions. We have permanents, horses available for adoption and long term stays for horses who are severely underweight. 

You can subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with all of the horses success stories and updates on the ones who are in care including the permanents.

Purchase a virtual feed bag/hay bales. You can also purchase medical supplies. 

About the rescue

L & B Horse Rescue is a self-funded organisation that was created to help horses in need. I have created the website to allow other people to be able to contribute to the rescue while still feeling safe that they are putting it straight to the horses.

These horses come from all different places. Some abandoned, others surrendered due to change in circumstances, others sent to sales neglected. Companions and riding horses. 
We are open and honest, family orientated and willing to give advice. 

When horses are adopted, they are under a lifetime contract and if for some reason they can not look after the horse they have adopted they are returned to L & B to be able to find them another forever home, the good thing about having contracts is that the horses always have a safe and loving place to come back to which is our major aim. 

first horse i ever broke in myself

Around the Rescue

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